Hotel Sirmione

Hotel Sirmione

Hotel Sirmione

Colazione Marolda

Lago di Garda


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Hotel Marolda Sirmione - Garda Lake

The Marolda Hotel, run by Family Signori, is situated at the middle of the peninsula, at only 50 meters from the lake shore. There you can find the public beach "Lido Galeazzi", where you can take a sunbath, play many sports and aquatic games.
The hotel has been built in the early 70's by mother Francesca and has been enlarged and recently renovated.The hotel has a jovial and serene atmosphere, warm colours reminding of the sun and the one refreshing of the water.
The Signori family offers to the guests a cosy atmosphere, thanks to the teaching of mother Francesca.
The Hotel have privat Car - Parking.


About us

The Signori family, now at the second generation by running the Marolda Hotel, is happy to give to the guests a serene and cosy welkome and are at disposal for proposals and suggestions, like the most interesting historical places and lakesides to visit and various tours you can take.

The name of the Hotel Marolda has been decided by father Giuseppe and mother Francesca. The Story tells taht during year 1000, in the place where the Hotel has been built, a family of alchemists from Persia named Marolda has settled down.

During the centuries the family has developed in different fields and has become benefactor of the population. Unfortunately the Marolda family has become extinct at the end of the XVI century for unknown reasons.